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Most athletes and fitness minded consumers often believe that “more is better” when it comes to protein intake. But this is NOT necessarily the case. What most athletes and others may not be aware of is how the type of protein (let’s say Whey or Milk based protein compared to Soy based protein for example) may affect the body’s ability to assimilate the protein in a way that is most beneficial for your body to actually assist your metabolism to repair and rebuild muscle tissue.

Some scientific and nutrition forums believe that protein is better metabolized in limited proportions at various times all throughout the day as opposed to large single servings portions taken at one time. Many sports nutrition products make claims of 15, 20 and even 30 grams or more of protein per serving. Often the consumer assumes that such large quantities of protein are considered beneficial. What many consumers aren’t aware of is that science doesn’t always support the idea that such massive quantities of protein ingested at one time in one individual serving are always necessarily beneficial. And in fact, there are some reports that state that such large quantities consumed in one serving may possibly be detrimental.

Some scientific reports actually suggest that the human body is designed to optimally metabolize smaller amounts of protein spread evenly throughout the day and throughout a workout regimen in order to optimize beneficial absorption of protein. It has also been suggested that excessive amounts of protein ingested in one single serving could potentially add stress to vital internal organs such as the kidneys and liver as they attempt to process and metabolize vast amounts of protein.

And, while protein is always utilized, it may not always be metabolized to your benefit.

Protein is made up of special molecules called amino acids. When protein is digested properly your body will synthesize the protein into individual amino acids and use them as building blocks, essentially, to help build enzymes, hormones, immune factors and other molecules.

However there is a threshold, which is likely different for every individual, but at which point protein absorption reaches a maximum benefit as a ‘building block.’ When excess protein is no longer able to be utilized to repair and build muscles, etc., it is likely then metabolized into glucose and used for energy.

In other words, where there is more food ’energy’ in the form of excess protein that is not readily utilized as a ‘building block,' the surplus will be converted into glucose and stored as fat.

And excess fat is definitely NOT a benefit!

That is why at PRO Rich Nutrition we have specifically designed PRO Rich Crème Bars to target what we believe to be an optimal amount of protein to ingest in one serving. Our target goal range that we believe to be the ‘sweet spot’ of ingested protein per individual serving is around 10 – 12 grams of protein per single serving. We believe this amount may be readily assimilated and easily metabolized into the body without causing any detrimental or adverse effects.

Our recommendation for consumption of PRO Rich Crème Bars for the fitness minded consumer to adequately fuel their body without consuming excessive amounts of protein which could convert to excess “energy,” in other words, fat, would be to enjoy one PRO Rich Crème Bar prior to a workout or competition and we believe that it would be perfectly fine to enjoy another PRO Rich Crème Bar after your fitness regimen in order to supply your body with an optimal amount of protein that can be readily be assimilated yet not be an excessive amount that may be converted to and stored as fat! The best recommendation for pre-workout or competition is our energy model, “ROCKET LAUNCH.” A coffee flavored PRO Rich Crème Bar that contains Cocoa Whey Protein Nuggets and a rich and gooey swirl of thick Caramel that is not only mouthwatering delicious AND provides cutting edge nutrition, but also has the added benefit of delivering 75 mg of energy packed caffeine per serving to ‘jump start’ your reserves and get you powered up for a mega workout or performance that can assist to give you that competitive edge!

Post workout we like to recommend one of our other delicious flavors of PRO Rich Crème Bars like “CINNAMON SWEET ROLL” also with a gooey swirl of rich Caramel and plain Whey Protein Nuggets along with real organic cinnamon to satisfy your urge to indulge while supplying your nutritional needs for an exceptional recovery sports nutrition product.

OR…”MINT MADNESS” which packed with Cocoa Whey Nuggets and a thick swirl of Chocolate Fudge all combined in harmony with vibrant natural Mint flavor to create a guilt free taste sensation!

And of course, we can never forget our flagship favorite, “ORIGINAL,” filled with rich and creamy smooth natural Vanilla and loaded with Cocoa Whey Nuggets and a rich thick swirl of delicious Chocolate Fudge to delight your body and support your sound nutrition!

For optimal utilization pre and post workout or for a competition, event or performance, reach for cutting edge nutrition and grab a PRO Rich Crème Bar today!


For maximum effect and optimal uptake there is much research to support the theory that milk based proteins are one of the finest forms of natural nutrition available to all consumers. And we have made every effort to source only the finest milk protein products from the most reputable suppliers available

Milk based proteins are fast-digesting and are considered an optimal premium source of the best and most natural form of nutrition pre and post-workout. Milk protein is beneficial to help improve your muscles ability to recover and adapt after moderate to intense exercise or competition.

The consumption of milk based proteins have been found to stimulate muscle synthesis and replenishment to a greater degree than many other proteins sources such as soy based protein

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