DELMARLA The Dairy Cow

As a kid I spent a lot of time body surfing and boogie boarding at America’s Surf Capital –Huntington Beach, catching waves and eating a whole lotta sand when I bottomed out! Yuck!!! Later I would hang out on the bleached sandy shores of sun drenched Del Mar, California and it was there that I met DelMarla The Dairy Cow at the San Diego County Fair! She didn’t look like any other dairy cow I’d seen before bcuz she was all white!

And check this out, when she goes outside DelMarla loves to hang out and chill with her peeps wearing a pair of radical black shades!!! DelMarla says ‘No way’ is she gonna ‘shred the waves without a killer pair of shades and some sunscreen bro!’

Then I asked Delmarla if she’d like to try an “ORIGINAL” PRO Rich Nutrition Frozen Bar smooth creamy Vanilla and a gooey swirl of Chocolate Fudge & Cocoa Protein Nuggets and she was like, “Oh yeah dude, lay it on me!” Then before I knew it DelMarla slurped the whole bar down in one swipe of her big pink cow tongue…thank goodness I held on tight to the stick or she woulda swallowed that too!!!

I told her that it was made from Real Milk and Fresh Eggs and Natural Cocoa & Chocolate Fudge and I asked her what she thought?

Delmarla The Dairy Cow mooed out that PRO Rich Crème Bars are totally “COWALISCIOUS!!!!”

I guess she approved!