Our Story

PRO Rich Nutrition developed PRO Rich Crème Bars by taking the idea of making ice cream completely out of the box and into a whole new realm!

The process of making PRO Rich Crème Bars begins the old fashioned way using only the finest quality food ingredients and time honored traditions of ice cream making. Then we POWER UP the nutrition so that each PRO Rich Crème Bar contains a minimum of 10 grams of Protein, 26 Essential Vitamins and Minerals, 3 grams of Natural Fiber and Probiotic Cultures.

Our concept is to source quality ingredients based on solid nutrition and health. We will not compromise and we will not take short cuts. We strongly believe that “less is more” which is why you will NOT find food ingredients in our PRO Rich Crème Bars that contain artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, fillers, stabilizers, emulsifiers or any chemical additives.

We believe that NO is a good thing!

Our goal is to ensure you that our ingredients are sourced from wholesome quality suppliers that help us to produce our smooth, creamy, delicious PRO Rich Crème Bars offering you enhanced nutritional support to help build muscle and maintain a healthy body!

PRO Rich Crème Bars:

  • Provide added protein for advanced nutrition
  • Added protein improves muscle growth
  • Patented GanedenBC30 probiotic cultures
  • Naturally sourced prebiotic fiber from inulin chicory root helps maintain a healthy and balanced digestive system
  • Fortified with 26 Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Our Inspiration

As founder of PRO Rich Nutrition and the creator of PRO Rich Crème Bars the motivation and inspiration to create this company came from my Mom, Jo Coleman! For most of her life she was an extremely vibrant healthy woman who rode a bike, ballroom danced into her 80’s and had a very active lifestyle until the end!

The unfortunate thing was that as “Jo Jo” (as her friends liked to call her) became a senior citizen, she became less interested in large meals and only enjoyed eating ice cream. So I set out to buy my Mom “healthy” ice cream that she could enjoy and that would supply her with added vitamins & minerals, nutrients and protein she needed to remain healthy. But in 2009 there was no such ice cream on the market that met those criterion.

“Jo Jo” continued to remain busy and active but she slowly began to lose weight and she refused to supplement her diet with shelf stable nutrition drinks like Boost and Ensure.

While my Mom still enjoyed walking, working out in her local gym (yes, that’s right), gardening, singing, attending church, thrift shop hunting and many other activities, she slowly also continued to lose body weight. And I was unable to find my precious Mom a source of truly nutritious ice cream or any other supplemental nutrition that she would consume.

And so the story goes…try as I might, “Jo Jo” ate less, lost more weight and eventually and regrettably in the end nature took its course and she passed away due to complications from lack of nourishment. It was a tragic loss and I was heartbroken that I could not save her!

However, I did not want to let her loss stop me from helping others to never have to face the same unfortunate outcome. I did not want one other person to die needlessly if I could make a difference.

And so with determination and a vision inspired by my Mom, “Jo Jo” I founded PRO Rich Nutrition and have now launched PRO Rich Crème Bars!

The Rest of the Story

Since my Mother’s passing I have been motivated by her loss, the needs of the community and my own athletic pursuits as a runner and competitive triathlete to conceive and create a superior and unique product line that would supply excellent nutritional support in a traditional and beloved format using only quality wholesome ingredients.

During my endeavors to launch PRO Rich Nutrition and create PRO Rich Crème Bars I have had the misfortune of seeing many good friends and family members who have been diagnosed with serious illnesses or who have sustained extensive injuries and have needed additional nutritional supplementation to their daily diets. In all of these cases their choices were equally limited.

For every person who is fitness minded or has completed a strenuous athletic event or sustained a serious injury or has recovered from an illness, a surgical procedure or is receiving cancer treatments…for every busy parent on the go and every child needing a truly nutritious snack, for every swamped professional who only has time to grab a quick bite to suffice as a meal…now there is a new choice to indulge your senses and satisfy your nutritional needs while you enjoy the simple pleasure of a dessert that tastes like ice cream but is SO MUCH MORE!

As a result of a series of unfortunate circumstances an idea was born that will allow every human being the opportunity to have flavorful choices of wholesome nutritional supplementation in the form of PRO Rich Crème Bars.

These rich and creamy delicious frozen bars will provide nutrient dense dietary supplementation to your daily routine which is fortified with truly nourishing sources of Protein, Natural Fiber, Probiotic Cultures, 26 Essential Vitamins and Minerals and has been painstakingly formulated by cutting edge leading industry food science experts who are committed to creating the finest quality nutrition to maintain and build a healthy body!

Our food ingredients contain:

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