PRO Rich Crème is cutting edge revolutionary nutrition designed specifically for the fitness minded elite athletes and everyone who is devoted to their health and wellness! After a run, workout or a competition the body has been depleted of essential nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals and Electrolytes.

Athletes commonly reach for some form of nutrition that will replenish these lost nutrients but most of these choices are less than desirable. Often the dry nutrition bars that offered to the consumer can have artificial flavoring to make them more palatable or the shelf stable nutrition shakes often contain ingredients like xanthan gum or other emulsifiers and stabilizers created in a lab and not sourced from natural derivatives to give those products better texture and appeal.

That’s why we created PRO Rich Crème Bars in order to offer an alternative source of advanced nutrition that is nutrient dense and scientifically formulated to restore your body’s optimal balance and enhance your recovery process.

The science behind PRO Rich Crème was years in the making because it has been designed by athletes for athletes! It is our goal to be one step above all other nutrition and recovery products in order to meet the specific needs of fitness minded sports enthusiasts and elite athletes. We’ve taken the concept of recovery to a whole new level by providing a frozen nutrition bar that contains only the finest quality wholesome food ingredients acquired from natural sources which contain NO artificial or chemical components of any kind.

Each PRO Rich Crème Bar contains ingredients that are beneficial to your recovery such as 10 grams of Protein, 26 essential Vitamins and Minerals, 3 grams of Natural Fiber and Probiotic Cultures to provide fitness nutrition at its finest!

You will find that your consumption of PRO Rich Crème Bars will indulge your senses as well as provide a guilt free excellent source of nutrient dense nutrition!

Some of the key components pivotal to the scientific creation of PRO Rich Crème Bars that makes them so revolutionary are:


Many well-known recovery products such as protein bars contain what we consider to be excessive amounts of protein per serving. Often many contain soy based proteins, a great deal of refined carbs, rarely having probiotic cultures and very few if any have 26 Essential Vitamins and Minerals.

PRO Rich Crème Bars not only provide the fortification of added Protein at a minimum of 10 grams per serving, but unlike just about any other recovery product on the market PRO Rich Crème Bars provide 26 Essential Vitamins and Minerals to replace those depleted by the workout routine or athletic event as well as Probiotic Cultures and naturally sourced Fiber in each and every nutritious serving!

That is why we consider PRO Rich Crème one of the finest and most superior sources of nutrient dense recovery nutrition specifically created and designed for the health conscious fitness minded consumer because it has been scientifically formulated to satisfy and restore the body to optimal balance and build and replenish muscle.

We’re NOT ice cream! We’re PRO Rich Crème!

Think of it as “ice cream with benefits!!!

PRO Rich Creme is perfect for the active on the go family.

A perfect supplement for today's active lifestyles.

PRO Rich Creme is convenient to serve.

PRO Rich Creme is a great addition to your next adventure

Our food ingredients contain: